Monday, March 10, 2008

The Illustrated Sandwich Independent Short Show

: :UPDATE: :
Short Show Episode 1: Chick School can be viewed here.
Short Show Episode 2: The Streeper Show can be viewed here.

The Independent Short Show is a locally produced TV show made exclusively for the community of Southern Oregon, featuring local settings and familiar faces from the community of Ashland, OR. The first episode, "Chick School" airs Saturday March 8, 2008 at 11pm on RVTV Channel 15 on your television set. This first episode stars Brian LeBlanc, Dayvin Turchiano, Greg Hartley, and features Austin VanCampen and Levi Anderson.

The second episode, dubbed "The Streeper Episode" will air Saturday March 15.

Episode three, "The Shorts Support Group" will air Saturday March 22.

I can't remember which episode airs fourth on Saturday March 29.

The Independent Short Show goes into syndication with 6 episodes (2 new) already in the can for the Spring Season line-up on RVTV, so beginning Saturday April 5, The Illustrated Sandwich Independent Short Show begins again at 11pm.

With a little help from some financial godsend, the team may even shoot more episodes to fill up all 12 weeks of the Spring Season. Send your support by going to and clicking on the contact link. Tell Laney you want to give her money, and we'll go from there.

Peace out for now. Tune into RVTV channel 15 at 11pm on Saturday Nights
(after Iron Mike's Metal Video)
For the Illustrated Sandwich Independent Short Show.