Friday, December 12, 2008

Killer Valley Horror Film Festival Awards

[PIC] Best Film from KVHFF 2008
View the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival 2008 (KVHFF) Awards Ceremony via these clips. KVHFF Director Randy Granstrom presents the awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best SFX, and Creepiest Film for 2008.  The Creepiest Film Award is an original award created by the KVHFF at their premiere festival in 2007.  This award was inspired by the overwhelminingly similar reactions by film judges to the production "Play With Me" from Director Dan McCloy.  McCloy went on to get the Best Director Award in 2008 for his motion picture "Zombie a Go Go."  "Zombie a Go Go" pieced together live-action talent with locations and backgrounds animated by McCloy.  The Special Effects (SFX) were the work of Medford-based Morbid Creations. Morbid Creations is a husband/wife team that took the Best SFX Award in 2007.

Awards Presentation Videos

KVHFF 2008 Awards

Best Film, Eraticate

[youtube ] [vimeo ]

Best Director, Dan McCloy

[youtube ] [vimeo ]

Best SFX, Langliena 

[youtube ] [vimeo ]

Best Actor, Michael Meyer

[youtube ] [vimeo]

Best Actress, Melanie Dahl

[youtube ] [vimeo ]

Creepiest Film, Depraved 

[youtube ] [vimeo ]

The 2008 winner for Best SFX Award went to Director Emiliano Ranzani for the atmosphere created by his masterful manipulation of lighting, sound, and pure gore in the short film "Langliena." "Langliena" was also the KVHFF's first International Submission, and therefore the first International Award Winner.  

"Zombie a Go Go" continued to show off through the evening, as both the Best Actor Award and Best Actress Award went to Co-Stars Michael Meyer and Melanie Dahl.  Meyer played the perverse and voodoo-fascinated husband to his resurrected wife, played by Dahl. Dahl's character, Lorna, couldn't be more upset to have been brought back from the dead when she had finally ridden herself of the fledgling husband that the audience eventually see in Meyer's portrayal of Big Daddy Mokumbo Tim.

The coveted Creepiest Film Award went to an independent motion picture out of Eugene, Oregon.  The film, "Depraved," from director Henry Weintraub follows a young woman as she tries to regain some meaning to her savagly shattered world. A cheating boyfriend leads her away in confusion, only to be hit and paralyzed by a car, abducted by a creepy redneck, sexually assualted in her paralyzed state, and abandoned. The lead character, Edith, played by Lorien Emmerich, has only one thing on her mind. Revenge. A cameo by Lloyd Kaufman also adds to the creepy depths these filmmakers must have stuped to in making this short feature.

And finally, the motion picture that took home the Best Film Award was a short feature from Ashland, Oregon, "Eraticate."  This motion picture tells the story of a girl and her pet rats.  You would think a couple of rats couldn't do much harm, as there is nothing the calibre of "Willard" in this girl's pet collection. But when jealousy over time spent with her new boyfriend gets to these neglected pets, they take matters into their own tiny little rat paws.  With creative narration, an original music score, and the slightest hint of a love scene, this well-made short had the makings of a horror classic.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Killer Valley Horror Film Festival 2008

The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival: Your Film Here! -- Zombie Make-up Booth -- See the Premiere of GogJuice starring KVHFF 2007 Best Actor, Levi Anderson

The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival began in 2007 in Medford, but in 2008 the festival is moving it's horror genre film festival to Ashland, OR.  The KVHFF showcases independent films for scary movie and slasher fans.  The fesital is accepting entries through October 7 from independent film producers whose motion pictures were produced in the last 2 years and have not shown at the KVHFF before.  For more information and to view video from the 2007 festival, visit the official website: .

Already scheduled to showcase are:

Zombie-A-Go-Go, from KVHFF 2007 Creepy Film Award Winner, Dan McCloy

GogJuice, starring KVHFF 2007 Best Actor, Levi Anderson and KVHFF 2007 Best Actress, MiLisa

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Victims of Ashland Sign Ordinances Speak Out

The City of Ashland has begun to crack down on excessive signage on the sidewalks of the downtown area. Business owners, including Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, have been targeted and many believe that it is unfair and over-reaching for the City of Ashland to attack the businesses that help make this town the tourist attraction that it is.

In this series of videos, the Bear from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory speaks out about being forced indoors by Dean Walker, Code Compliance Specialist for the City of Ashland. We also talk to the Stone Lion outside of the Black Sheep to get his reactions and Alfredo of Wiley's World of Pasta.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Blog from a Mobile phone!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are closer still to the days of machines worldwide conquest of man's free will. Today I'm slammin busy right now. But I've taken the time to play with my new MotoQ and the Instant Internet Access that it provides me. At times the mini-keypad is ahindrance, but the preset text features let me type "i'm slammin busy right now i'll try to give you a holler on my lunch (if i take one)" in a few deft keystrokes. Apparently i'd typed that message a time or two before. Now I just wish I could use that phrase more often.

Take this Job and Shove It! - With Government Help

Ron Wyden's a good smart guy. I don't think this video truly illustrates what his Stand Tall for America Plan can do to promote Universal Health Care, but it's funny. And low-budget local production.

For more info: This Link Is Good.

Thursday, May 8, 2008 Video Contest Entry

SidFilmz recently helped out our friends over at video an Open House segment for a Century 21 YouTube Contest. We didn't have much time, only a couple of days before the contest deadline, but after viewing much of the competition, SidFilmz and Century 21 Agent John Ropp determined that the best option we had was to actually show the features of the house. This was something that many of the other videos missed, as many competitors thought it was better to have fun and be on camera, rather than try to sell a house. Here is an extended version of the contest video (we were limited to only 2 minutes).

Please take the time to head over to the Century 21 YouTube site and vote for's video! Once on the Century 21 YouTube page, click on the VOTE button above the introductory video, and search for 'liveinbendoregon,' or 'chardonnay' and our video will pop up. Make sure to give us a thumbs up!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Allyson's Kitchen Sandwiches Now in Bend Oregon

Who doesn't like a good sandwich in this country? Sid's favorite meal is the sandwich, followed closely by the burger, followed by the steak, then the fish sandwich, then the shish kebab (or souvlaki will do nicely), and from there anything goes. Working primarily out of Ashland, OR, which has gotten itself some kind of reputation for being a culinary town, you'd think there would be a plethora of lunch opportunities - but the best is hard to find. Ashland has plenty of over-priced food available, so for the locals, brown-baggin' it has generally been the way to go. However, there is a moderate priced and easy to please soup & sandwich hot spot - Allyson's Kitchen.

Allyson Kitchen Bend Oregon Restaurant

Allyson's Kitchen is a gourmet foods and kitchenwares store at 115 East Main St., and has featured a gourmet sandwich deli for over 6 years now. Just recently, Feb. of 2008, Allyson's Kitchen opened a new store in Bend at 375 Powerhouse Drive in the Old Mill District. Every morning they make two fresh soups, which have a reputation for being some of the best soups in town. Favorites of Sid's include the Tom Ka Gai, followed closely by Chicken Tortilla. But what good is a delicious bowl of soup without a tasty sandwich to dip in it?

Turkey Cheddar Bacon on Ciabatta Roll at Allysons KitchenAllyson's Gourmet Deli has a simple, yet flavorful lunch menu with most of their sandwiches named to accompany the Tony Award Winning Shakespeare Festival that draws much of the tourism to Ashland.

Sids top picks are:
Brutus - A toasted Bacon (oh so thick & smoky!), Lettuce, Tomato on Ciabatta Roll

Thesius - Two Italian Salamis and Mortadella with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil on Ciabatta

The Gourmet BLT from Allyson's has an uncanny ability to please pork connoisseurs and those who like their bacon crispy <shudder> alike. How do they do this? Well, the bacon is thick enough that they can slow cook it all the way through to please those munchers who are still worried of the first trichinosis outbreak in 80 years, but without killing the wonderful flavor of pig for those of us who do enjoy it. Often an early morning stop into Allyson's Kitchen will greet you with the scent of bacon sizzling away, and begin the Pavlovian drooling that will lead you to an unforgettable lunch.

Sid Stuffs Sandwich Into his Mouth at Allysons KitchenThis day, I had a special request for a Titus on Ciabatta, with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon added. And a cup of soup, can't remember what kind exactly, but it was good. Sid always gets soup. The sandwich was awesome. Sid stuffed the first half away in between about 3 or 4 gasps for air, then took a minute to give the second half of this Mid-Afternoon Delight a dip in some hot creamy carrot madness. Oh, it was good. It's always a toss-up between getting the bowl of soup, or the cup of soup. With a full bowl, you can dip the fattest sandwich, like a Cornwall (Corned Beef & Saurkrout), without much spillage, while a cup of soup will have to be drained a slurp or two to fit your sammie. You can see by one of the images, the overflow danger level of dipping too early.

The Gourmet Sandwich Feast is OverBy and large, the flavors of smoked turkey with melted cheddar cheese were deftly accented by the red onion and smoky bacon. The Ciabatta roll is the better sandwich bread for dipping, and also a nice sandwich bread all around because The Ciabatta is sturdy, grips well and dips well, and it has a nice texture.

The Creamy Carrot Soup was good and thick, to let you know that Allyson's roasts their veggies and purees the fruits to a hearty and hunger satisfying rich consistency. This soup was good. And here's where the advantage of the cup comes in. After finishing the last bite of sandwich, a satisfying pull on the coffee cup drains the rest of the of creamy soup, and Sid slowly sits back with a sigh, a smile, and root beer or one of their select microbrews.

Allysons Sandwich Surely Delights in Bend Oregon

If you're ever in the Downtown Ashland, OR area, or in the Old Mill District of Bend Oregon, a lunch stop into Allyson's Kitchen will not disappoint.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Illustrated Sandwich Independent Short Show

: :UPDATE: :
Short Show Episode 1: Chick School can be viewed here.
Short Show Episode 2: The Streeper Show can be viewed here.

The Independent Short Show is a locally produced TV show made exclusively for the community of Southern Oregon, featuring local settings and familiar faces from the community of Ashland, OR. The first episode, "Chick School" airs Saturday March 8, 2008 at 11pm on RVTV Channel 15 on your television set. This first episode stars Brian LeBlanc, Dayvin Turchiano, Greg Hartley, and features Austin VanCampen and Levi Anderson.

The second episode, dubbed "The Streeper Episode" will air Saturday March 15.

Episode three, "The Shorts Support Group" will air Saturday March 22.

I can't remember which episode airs fourth on Saturday March 29.

The Independent Short Show goes into syndication with 6 episodes (2 new) already in the can for the Spring Season line-up on RVTV, so beginning Saturday April 5, The Illustrated Sandwich Independent Short Show begins again at 11pm.

With a little help from some financial godsend, the team may even shoot more episodes to fill up all 12 weeks of the Spring Season. Send your support by going to and clicking on the contact link. Tell Laney you want to give her money, and we'll go from there.

Peace out for now. Tune into RVTV channel 15 at 11pm on Saturday Nights
(after Iron Mike's Metal Video)
For the Illustrated Sandwich Independent Short Show.