Monday, August 2, 2010

saQi - Heart's Castle (EP)

The latest release from saQi is a a 5-track EP called Heart's Castle.
"The album is ... a humble offering from my heart to yours and serves as a dedication to my father and the beautiful life that he lived." - saQi
Released in May 2010, the album features vocalists: Kyrstyn Pixton, Luz Alena Mendoza, Christopher Worth, Cohen, Leslie Kernochan and additional musicians: Russel Scott & Chet Lyster. Album artwork by: Dee aka "Sweet Anomaly."

Stand-out tracks include Cancion del Corazon featuring Luz Alena Mendoza on vocals and some of saQi's signature trumpet over raw guitar work. Twilight In Bardo (Remix) featuring Kyrstyn Pixton is another of the highlights. Kyrston also lends her vocals to the title track, which itself is an amazing body-moving trip through a mix of emotions.

As stated in his dedication to his late father, Heart's Castle is an offering from the heart, and it speaks on many levels to those going through love & loss, reminding us of how great it is to feel the whole spectrum of emotions.

The 5-track EP is available for $5 at Click here to preview and download tracks from Heart's Castle.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Website Recovery Status

Some of you know, some may not, but SidFilmz attempted to upgrade our website at the end of April, and hit a snag. Unfortunately, Sid was so backed up with other projects (also know as "paying gigs"), that the team really hasn't had the chance to step up to finish rebuilding the website structure. You will notice, our header and side modules look a little bare, and we are slowly bringing some new content back into the blog.

In the meantime, Sid and the others are making tons of progress on other people's websites. For example, check out, a new website launch for musician, Charles Guy. This was a fairly simple website set up for a local artist. Sid added some preview audio tracks for some of Charles Guy's albums, which are available to purchase via PayPal.

Another clean and simple website launch was completed recently for Dorris Construction ( This company focuses on environmentally conscious home and commercial building. The company owner, Gary Dorris, has received a number of awards for his excellence in the field.

The third new website for 2010 is a light-duty brochure website for Wheat Springs Bakery ( This company belongs to a small, family owned wheat ranch in Gilliam County, Oregon. One of the owners was looking for a new way to market their staple crop, and came up with the great idea for Popped Wheat Berries.

Aside from all the website work, Sid is thrilled to be near the finish line of producing the 8-DVD Series for Tom Kane's 3-Day Film Workshop. This 12hrs+ of instruction on how to break down a film script into shootable days and build a budget that is accurate and in the limits of the studio's pocketbook, is a great resource for the aspiring filmmaker. SidFilmz took on the duties of editing this monstrous project, and has just completed DVD Authoring for all 7 video discs (there will also be 1 CD/DVD Manual). They are now in a studio being color-corrected and mastered for duplication. Look for them to be online and shipping by July 20.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's New for 2010?

2010 and what's new for SidFilmz?  We'll get back to you on that.
filmtvworkshop_edit_200.jpgActually, it's business as usual.  Our Digital Media Producer, Levi Anderson, has been off working on other peoples films the last few months, and is now catching up on some video editing and website redesigns for SidFilmz again.  Stay tuned for some upcoming posts on the upcoming DVD Package for Tom Kane's Film Production Workshop.  This is for all you folks who love to make movies, but are too creative or artistic to think about it as a business. Tom helps you focus on how to tear a script down into workable parts, build a real budget and schedule, and produce an actual motion picture out of it.
For those interested, check out his website at  Click on the Production Software link and you'll see some killer sales on Movie Magic Scheduling and Movie Magic Budgeting, 2 of the leading softwares for Assistant Directors and Unit Production Managers.

As for new websites, check out the slimmed and simple redesign for Luxury Lagoon Pools, a southern Oregon company who designs and builds custom inground swimming pools and outdoor recreation areas.  Some new additions have been made to Hotel Furniture Pro's website, and the redesign process has just begun for Dorris Construction and Design Residential.  Look out for those updates soon.
Oh, and SidFilmz is helping to put on the upcoming Killer Valley Horror Film Festival on Sat., January 16th, in Ashland.  This is a small-scale showcase of independent horror and sci-fi films, 3 years running now.  For more info visit their website at