Thursday, May 8, 2008 Video Contest Entry

SidFilmz recently helped out our friends over at video an Open House segment for a Century 21 YouTube Contest. We didn't have much time, only a couple of days before the contest deadline, but after viewing much of the competition, SidFilmz and Century 21 Agent John Ropp determined that the best option we had was to actually show the features of the house. This was something that many of the other videos missed, as many competitors thought it was better to have fun and be on camera, rather than try to sell a house. Here is an extended version of the contest video (we were limited to only 2 minutes).

Please take the time to head over to the Century 21 YouTube site and vote for's video! Once on the Century 21 YouTube page, click on the VOTE button above the introductory video, and search for 'liveinbendoregon,' or 'chardonnay' and our video will pop up. Make sure to give us a thumbs up!

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