Sunday, August 19, 2007

SidVideoz Return

After the last year of working for other folks and building up their websites, Sid has decided on a new website structure for Sid's own Next Sid begun the task of updating all our old vids from QuickTime format to the more widely excepted Flash Video format. With the help of an awesome MultiChannel video player from the folks at EarthScienceAgency, you can now view the crappy old classic college humor guerilla videos that made Sid a sensation. -- Or, whatever that was that it made Sid into.

As a little extra hype for the guys at ESA, they make a lot of other way cool stuff, too. Sid found them somehow by chance, and was always trying to develop flash video & mp3 player models based off of theirs, but eventually just gave in and bought their Advanced FLV Video Pack.

Anyways, now you can check out Go Time, Good Sex - Bad Sex 2, and the old There Beer Commercial are up again, too.

Coming Soon: Full Length downloads of The Partisan (available via this secret link - but the chapter links aren't working yet) and I Kappa Foo 1 & 2.

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