Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Killer Valley Horror Film Festival

RISE - short film premiering at the Killer Valley Horror Film FestivalThe Killer Valley Horror Film Festival festival will be hosted Sunday, Bloody Sunday on October 14, 2007. It will be at Vibes Main 1 in Medford, starting at 2pm. Admission is 10 dollars, 6 if you wear a costume. You also get to be in the Costume Contest to compete for prizes. This festival is in its first year, and will feature indy films of the scary movie, horror film genre. For more information, contact Randy Granstrom, of Rogue Productions or visit

Killer Valley Films, a local indy motion picture production group in the Rogue Valley is showcasing their short indy, "RISE" at the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival.

Films screening include "Dead Girls," "Play With Me," and "Taking Sides". It is highly likely that Nealham's "The Button Pusher" or "Remote Control Optional" will also showcase at KVHFF.

The event is sponsored by SidFilmz, Rogue Productions, and Noxious Trinity among others.

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