Saturday, October 20, 2007

Allyson's Kitchen Video Contest

SidFilmz just produced a short contest video for Allyson's Kitchen showcasing an It's All Greek Demonstration Cooking Class. The video is for a contest hosted by Bertolli to win an opportunity to co-host a cooking show with Rocco DiSpirito. The contest ends Oct. 31, so we need your help voting now to boost Allyson's Ratings. Click here to Vote on Allyson's Video, and watch a teaser video to the right.
SidFilmz is currently editing together the recipes that you see featured in this teaser video here. Visit Allyson's Blog for more updates, and to see the new videos once they are posted. And don't forget to vote for Allyson's Contest Video here.
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Paella Party

The beauty of Paella is that you can cook it for an intimate dinner, or expand the quantities to feed a crowd. Paella is a short grain rice-based dish with many variations, from vegetarian versions, to those that include smoked sausages, chicken, and shell fish. The dish is said to have originated in the areas of Valencia and Levante, Spain’s eastern coastal plain where much of the country’s rice is grown.
Paella is cooked in a wide, flat, round pan that starts on the stove and can be finished in the oven. Saffron is one the signature ingredients included in many of the traditional recipes. When prepared correctly, the bottom layer and outer edges of the rice offer up caramelized, lightly crunchy, golden morsels, while the center of the dish is moist and complex.
Most of the preparation for this Spanish feast can easily be done in advance. The tapas require simply assembly, the ingredients for the Paella can all be prepared a day in advance, and the cake can be made up to two days before. And although I know the food will be fabulous, I also know the truly memorable part of the evening will be spending time with our dear friends.
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